New cap may leave Cowboys scrambling

We're not sure when a new collective bargaining agreement will go into effect. However, there's a chance the new salary cap will be $128 million and the Cowboys have $137.4 million devoted to the 2011 roster. That doesn't include draft picks or undrafted free agents.

It seems the Cowboys have to make some moves to get under the proposed cap.

*If the Cowboys release Terence Newman, they save $4 million in cap space.

*Letting running back Marion Barber go saves $4.75 million if he's a post June 1 cut under the old rules.

*A departure by Leonard Davis saves $1.834 million.

*Of course everyone's favorite target, Roy Williams, counts as a $12.9 million cap hit.

*The Cowboys are also expected to let go of Marc Colombo, who is expected to receive a $2.6 million option bonus within the first 15 days of the league year. His base salary is scheduled at $1.9 million.

New CBA rules could dictate a lot of different things, so this could change.

The Cowboys could then save some money in 2011 if they restructure some of the current contracts of veteran players.

Tony Romo’s base salary in 2011 is $9 million, Miles Austin gets $8.54 million and DeMarcus Ware will earn $6.7 million. The Cowboys can lower the base salaries down to the veteran minimum ($765,000 for Romo and Ware and $640,000 for Austin) and turn the rest into signing bonuses.