Roy Williams enjoys the workouts

The Cowboys players haven't conducted any more workouts at their secret location, but wide receiver Roy Williams said the sessions were good.

"They did a great job of running the thing for the betterment of our team," Williams said last week. "I think the veteran guys understand what's going on the field because we've been there before. But when we come back [from the lockout], we'll be ready to work."

Williams said the time away from the game was good for him to rest his body as it was for veteran players across the league. For younger players, Williams said the player-organized workouts were good because they "need to learn the playbook."

Williams wouldn't say if there are any more workouts planned, but several players have been working out on their own with private trainers to stay in shape.

Some agents have told their clients to stay away from the player organized workouts for fear of injury.

Sources told ESPN there is a chance the NFL and the players association could end this lockout and have an agreement in place that can be ratified at the owners meetings on July 21. But there is plenty of work left to be done between now and then.

"Yeah, it really needs to happen sooner or later," Williams said. "We just have to wait and see what happens. There will be football, no doubt about that. We just have to be ready to go."