DeMarcus Ware hopeful deal will be done

ROCKWALL, Texas -- As word broke that NFL owners ratified what they thought was a 10-year agreement with its players, DeMarcus Ware was on his way to a Heroes 4 Heroes event at Rockwall Cinemark 12 to wish troops good luck on an upcoming deployment.

One soldier told Ware, “I’m glad football is back. I’m sick of watching baseball.”

Not just yet.

Ware talked before the conference call between NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith and the player reps for each team. While he expressed hope a new CBA would be finalized soon, he knew some work remained.

“It’s like a waiting process,” Ware said. “Everybody, all the players have been hibernating, ready to play. It’s been back and forth, agreeing upon contractual stuff and now it's sort of like the end. Like, ‘Oh, man, all of this work that we’ve done, let’s get it going.’ It’s going to be hard for everybody because some players, coaches, new coaches for us, we’ve got to hit the road running.”

Ware addressed between 100-150 soldiers before they watched a special screening of Captain America. His wife, Taniqua, served in the Air Force for five years, so Ware has a special feeling for the military.

“I’ve seen how they deploy, how they have to leave their families, leave their kids behind, but also they’re behind enemy lines and in danger. It’s a remarkable thing for them to go and serve for us and put themselves second. With my wife being in the military, I feel what they feel.”