Drew Pearson: Ware is 'a silent-type leader'

Former Cowboy Drew Pearson joined the Ben & Skin show today to discuss questions about the Cowboys' leadership.

Pearson responded to NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp's criticism of DeMarcus Ware's leadership:

"DeMarcus approaches his leadership responsibilities in a different way. He's a silent-type leader. ... He wants people to follow him. He wants to set the positive example through work ethic, through production on the field, and he wants people to follow him that way.

"And that's OK because we don't need everybody to be a vocal leader, because now you've got too many people talking.

"But I guarantee you when DeMarcus Ware steps up and says something to the teammates, to the coaches ... they listen because he doesn't speak idly. He leads that way, and there's nothing wrong with that."

Pearson also explained why he thinks Tony Romo shouldn't wear his hat backward:

"That's not projecting yourself as a professional. Everybody wants endorsements and things like that but corporate America doesn't want to associate with guys wearing their hats turned backward.

"So when you get in a car or out of the locker room, put your hat on anyway you want. But you're representing the Dallas Cowboys as the quarterback of that team so everybody perceives you as the leader of that team so a lot of fans and former players, including myself, do not want to see the leader of the team doing press conferences with their hats on backward."