Jason Garrett pleased with condition of team

SAN ANTONIO -- Jason Garrett was pleased with how the players fared in Wednesday’s conditioning test.

“The conditioning test this year is really interesting because we’ve not been around our players the entire offseason,” Garrett said. “We made it very clear to them hat our standards and approach will be for the team. I thought in general the team did an outstanding job of being in shape. This is the first time they’ve run the test and I thought for the most part it was good. Did everyone pass under the time on every single one? The answer to your question is no, but for the most part it was run really well.”

Garrett described the test as a series of sprints. The players had to finish each sprint in a certain amount of time. He said in 2012 players not passing the test will go through conditioning work with strength coach Mike Woicik before being allowed to practice.

A handful of players failed their physicals and will end up being released, including wide receiver Troy Bergeron, safety Justin Taplin-Ross and defensive end Matangi Tonga. The latter two were signed as undrafted free agents.