Martellus Bennett on same page with QBs

SAN ANTONIO -- One thing that has been evident in training camp over the last three years with Jon Kitna as the Cowboys’ backup quarterback is that he likes to throw the ball to Martellus Bennett.

The two connected five times in the Blue-White scrimmage on Sunday.

“Since we met we’ve always been on the same page,” Bennett said. “The way I play is what he expects. Sometimes I might break off a route a little shorter because I know he wants that. I’m getting that same way with [Tony] Romo now. Even if it’s Kitna I’ll ask Romo, ‘What did you expect me to do there? Was that good?’ and he’ll say, ‘Yeah,’ or, ‘The next time try it this way,’ so I’m there with him to where he knows what to expect from me, too.”

I set up shop in the end zone for the scrimmage and on a Kitna throw to Bennett the quarterback purposely threw to the tight end’s left shoulder with safety Barry Church closing fast from the right.

“It tells you everything,” Bennett said of the placement of a pass. “Wherever he throws it, you go with it because he wouldn’t lead you the other way. Most good players go with the way it’ll be thrown because it gives you a chance to make a play.”