Starters will play series or two vs. Broncos

SAN ANTONIO – It will be a typical preseason opener for the majority of the Cowboys’ starters Thursday night.

That means they’ll play two series at the most.

“The starters will play similar to what they’ve done in similar preseasons,” coach Jason Garrett said. “We don’t put a particular play number on it or drive number on it, but we’d like to get the first units out there and have a good couple first drives, play eight, 10, 12, whatever it is kind of plays where we feel good about it, then get the second guys in there and see them work.”

There are some exceptions. Rookie offensive linemen Tyron Smith and David Arkin need more repetitions, so they’ll play some with the second unit.

“It’ll be on an individual basis,” Garrett said, “but we anticipate them playing a little bit more.”