Defense to work on communication

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Inside the Alamodome for the first two weeks of training camp it was not unusual to hear the Cowboys defensive players shout and scream to each other before every snap. With only about 7,000 fans a day inside the dome players could recognize the changes that needed to be made

With 74,045 inside Cowboys Stadium on Thursday, the communication was more difficult and there were a couple of breakdowns by the No. 1 defense, including the 29-yard gain by the Broncos on third down.

“We’ve got to communicate better with that crowd noise,” outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware said. “In practice we can hear everybody and say things. There were a couple of checks we didn’t mess up on but we just didn’t hear because the crowd was so loud. That’s a good thing, but you’ve got to figure out some hand signals on how you change to the check.”

Coach Jason Garrett said that was not a surprise.

“I think for the defense the biggest challenge is everybody getting on the same page,” Garrett said. “We knew that was going to be the case only a couple of weeks into the system.”