Rob Ryan on paying homage to Tom Landry

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Buddy Ryan infuriated Cowboys coach Tom Landry and the team’s fans over the years, but his son, Rob, the new defensive coordinator, did his best to win over some fans in Thursday’s preseason opener against Denver.

Ryan opened up in Landry’s famed “Flex” defense, complete with linebacker Kenwin Cummings, who wears No. 54, in Randy White’s spot in a four-point stance just off the line of scrimmage.

“Me and Jason had been batting that idea around for a long time and with the alumni coming into town we wanted to respect them by lining up in the Flex,” Ryan said.

Whether the players fully grasped the concept of the Flex was another story.

“We did the best we could on a patchwork explanation,” Ryan said. “… At least it resembled it. We played four-deep behind it if somebody went deep we at least were going to cover him. I think Coach Landry did a better job of explaining it than I did, but at least got a guy in the frog stance and he never screwed up anything.”