No rift between Drew Pearson, Jerry Jones

ARLINGTON, Texas -- There appeared to be a rift between Jerry Jones and Drew Pearson for years.

When the rift began is hard to figure, but with Pearson getting selected into the Ring of Honor on Friday, it seems the two are in good shape.

"Basically we briefly touched on that and he said, ‘I really don’t know how that has even started," Jones said. "I said, ‘I don’t know either.’ From my standpoint from any issues with the relationship, I have all the respect in the world for him and I do appreciate what he’s done for this franchise. And there’s nothing to bury here. It was just like I said, it felt good. This was the time for us to do it. I’m glad he’s part of the first induction in our new stadium."

Pearson said he pulled Jones aside and wanted to know where the drama started.

"I never had a problem with Jerry," Pearson said. "Even when he came to the Cowboys, from Day 1, I was supporting him. I was the one who came out and said, 'Hey it wasn't his fault he had to fire Tom Landry.' He was put in a tough situation. It should have been Bum Bright, the previous owners' duty to do that. I supported him from Day 1. So I never had a problem. I really respect him and what he's done on and off the field."