Kicker situation is unsettled

ARLINGTON -- With David Buehler out of the lineup on Sunday night with a strained right hip, kicker Dan Bailey had a chance to inch ahead in the competition.

Bailey didn't attempt any field goals vs. the San Diego Chargers, and Jason Garrett didn't feel the need to do so late in the game. He'd rather go for the touchdown with his team down at least three scores. The Cowboys ended up losing 20-7 on Sunday.

"It crossed our mind," Garrett said. "We were so close down in there, I don’t know how much value we would have gotten out of it. It was a good opportunity to see those guys to make a play to get the ball in."

Bailey is also judged on kickoffs.

He sent four of his five kickoffs into the end zone and there were only two returns for a total of 57 yards.

The kicking battle will go another week at least with no clear-cut leader at this point.