Rob Ryan not worried about defense

IRVING, Texas -- Despite the statistics, Rob Ryan believes the Cowboys’ defense is coming along nicely for the Sept. 11 season opener at the New York Jets.

"We may not be the '85 Bears or Baltimore Ravens, or last year's preseason defense, all the great ones, but we're perfect,” the Cowboys’ coordinator said. “We're where we want to be, we're doing fine, we're improving every week, communication's coming along, the players are getting healthy and we're going to be great.”

The first-team defense has been spotty. Denver had a 29-yard reception on its opening drive in the first preseason game. San Diego scored 17 first-half points with most of the yards coming against the top defense. Minnesota had a 49-yard touchdown pass to Bernard Berrian and Adrian Peterson ran for 81 yards.

Ryan attempted to be reassuring Monday.

“I know right now we haven’t looked like a thing of beauty on defense all the time, but believe me fellas, we’re right where we want to be,” Ryan said.