Miles Austin remembers 9/11

IRVING -- Miles Austin was 17 attending Garfield High School in New Jersey when the terrorist attacked the United States.

On the eve of the 10th anniversary of 9/11, Austin said he remembers seeing the smoke from the World Trade Center from his parents house in Garfield, N.J.

"It was a shock," Austin said following Friday's practice. "Shock to see something like that happen and so many people, obviously killed. You can see the smoke from my town, pretty close. I'm older and I know friends who work in that financial district. I knew people who knew people who were affected by it but yeah, it was crazy and an unfortunate time."

The Cowboys don't have any plans travel into Manhattan and tour the area where the Twin Towers were, but in the offseason, Austin has.

"I've been down into the financial district and wall street area and seen the new buildings they’re putting up and the whole deal," Austin said. "I haven’t toured it but I've just been down there because my friends live and worked down there."