Win came as a surprise to Jerry Jones

SAN FRANCISCO -- Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones is the eternal optimist, but even he was conceding defeat Sunday inside Candlestick Park.

“Unlike this team, I was feeling low and feeling like we weren’t going to get it done,” Jones said “My team felt the opposite. They were thinking they were going to get it done. I’m so proud of them.”

The Cowboys pulled off a heroic comeback -- behind Tony Romo, who played despite a fractured rib -- with a game-tying field from 48 yards at the end of the game and a 19-yarder with 12:07 left in overtime by rookie Dan Bailey.

As Jones spoke he mentioned the ultimate highs and lows he has had in Candlestick Park, winning the 1992 NFC Championship Game and losing the 1994 conference title game. He could not say enough about Romo’s effort.

“But he’s part of something really broader today,” Jones said. “This bunch did not put it away. We all know that it was a heavy deal hanging over us from last year with how we started. We needed this win. Our franchise needed this win. This team, more importantly, needed this win and we got it.”

And it came a week after a gut-wrenching loss to the New York Jets.

“[Jones’ daughter Charlotte Anderson] said in the last seven days from Sunday night to Sunday day, I believe we’ve had some of the biggest ups and downs we’ve had in 22 years,” Jones said. “She’s right.”