Dan Bailey's kickoffs pass test

ARLINGTON, Texas -- While Dan Bailey earned most of his praise for the six field goals, including the 40-yard game winner with 1:47 to play, Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones was happier with the rookie kicker’s kickoffs.

Bailey handled the full kicking chores after David Buehler was a no-go for Monday’s game because of a groin injury.

Bailey had two touchbacks in seven attempts, but Washington’s Brandon Banks did not have a return longer than 23 yards.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever been prouder of a kicker,” Jones said. “We found out that Buehler wasn’t going to be able to kick kickoffs, and he handled that with a lot of poise. He did an outstanding job not to have been thinking of kickoffs. We really thought Buehler was going to go up until game time, so you’ve got to give [Bailey] an A-plus, not only on field goals but kickoffs.”

Bailey’s work on kickoffs could force the Cowboys to re-think their two kicker policy, especially with the injuries that are mounting up.