Tony Romo will need another injection

IRVING -- On Monday night, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo received two pain injections for his fractured rib to play vs. the Washington Redskins.

For the Sunday afternoon game vs. the Detroit Lions, Romo said he'll still need an injection.

"I would say this, there's a test that just goes, come over here [lightly tap his rib area] and see how hard you can do it until I feel it," Romo said after Thursday's practice. "And if I feel it I'm going to need it."

Romo also said if he gets a hard tap to the rib area and doesn't feel as much pain, he won't need the injection.

The quarterback doesn't know how severe the crack in his rib is but, "it's a fracture. It is what it is. It either feels better or it doesn't. It's nothing really much more."

For the Redskins game, Romo wore a protective vest that didn't hinder his ability to make throws. He was hit several times during the game, but overall the vest helped. Romo completed 22 of 36 passes for 255 yards with one interception and no sacks. It was the seventh time since becoming the fulltime starter in 2006 Romo didn't throw a touchdown pass.

"It did a good job," he said of the vest. "I thought it was good, I thought it helped. I'm not sitting there constantly thinking about it that's a good sign."

Romo still can't make all the throws necessary without feeling something and the bye week next week will help in his recovery.

"I'm not back to where everything is back to normal yet, but it's definitely on its way," he said. "It feels good to keep the improvement side of it continuing to go."