Coverage gave Cowboys a chance at the end

IRVING, Texas -- Terence Newman was in single coverage by design on what turned out to be Detroit’s game-winning touchdown late in the fourth quarter Sunday.

That was by design and it was a smart move by the Cowboys coaches.

With the ball at the 2-yard line and without a timeout, the Cowboys almost had to let the Lions score to have a chance to win it.

Had the Lions run the ball twice and then threw the ball on third down, then the Cowboys would have had no chance to win the game because they could not stop the clock. That’s why Frank Walker’s holding penalty on third down was such a killer. It gave the Lions a first down and the chance to kill the clock more.

They didn’t.

"On the last play, what we wanted to do was have him by himself," coach Jason Garrett said. "It's a long discussion as to why, but you're almost inviting them to throw that fade to allow him to defend it and hopefully defend it and the clock stops. Or they score a touchdown and they give our offense an opportunity to go back the other way. The worst scenario for us there would be if they run the ball three times and then we have no time to come back."