So just who are the Dallas Cowboys?

IRVING, Texas -- A good read here by Tim Smith of the New York Daily News who writes about how the New York Giants have lost their way. Or better yet, they are no longer what they once were: A ground-and-pound running team.

Brad Sham, the voice of the Cowboys, asked Jason Garrett what the Cowboys' identity is.

Garrett didn't really have an answer. He said the right things but in reality, there is no answer because the Cowboys are still searching for it.

"Well, one of the things we’ve done over the first four games is we’ve played in some close games and we did that at the end of last year as well," Garrett began. "I think the most important thing emphasize line one in football is playing with passion, emotion and enthusiasm, competing in every situation. I believe our team has done that. I think we’ve played very well in situational football at times. I think we’ve played not so well in situational football at times as well. I think we are going about it the right way in terms of how we practice, in terms of how we bring that energy to the game. I think we need to be more consistent handling the different situations that come up in the game and I think we need to do the things that winning teams do at crunch time. We’ve done that a couple of times."

The entire NFC East is messed up right now.

The Eagles were supposed to be the darlings of the division and maybe the NFC in general. But as we've seen they're reminding us of the 2008 Cowboys, minus Terrell Owens.

Over in D.C., the Washington Redskins surprised us by beating the Giants but lost to the Cowboys.

Smith talked about the Giants.

As for the Cowboys?

The next few weeks could answer a lot about this team. Dallas visits New England, where it will be a seven point underdog. Next the Cowboys host St. Louis, a winnable game, and then on Oct. 30 a Sunday night game in Philly.

It would appear the Eagles playoff hopes are dashed considering the faint hopes of teams starting 1-3 in this league and making the postseason. If the Cowboys win that game in Philadelphia, maybe we'll know more about them.

Right now, we're not sure which Cowboys' team we have.

"We’ve come from behind in the fourth quarter in two of our victories this year and those are really good things," Garrett said. "We’ve made stops on defense. We’ve controlled the ball on offense. We’ve made the critical plays when we’ve needed to. We did things well on special teams. Then, if you look at our losses we didn’t do those things. Obviously, as a coach you’re trying to build on the positive things. You’re trying to correct the negative things. But again, line one in football is playing hard, playing tough, playing competitively, playing down in and down out for 60 minutes. I think we’ve done that."