'All-hype' shot won't matter Sunday

IRVING, Texas – Mike Vick’s first reaction was to be irate. Now, he pretty much considers Rob Ryan’s all-hype jab irrelevant.

Hey, it’s hard to get to worked up over comments that have proven to be at least half right.

The 2-4 Eagles have been all hype so far. We’ll see Sunday whether the Cowboys “kick their ass,” as Ryan promised when he made the transparent reference to the NFC East favorite in August.

If Philadelphia wins, don’t blame Ryan’s bulletin-board material. Not even if he fills up our notebooks with more trash talk when the Valley Ranch media talks to the defensive coordinator Friday afternoon.

It’d be a sexy storyline, but it’d also be silly. If the Eagles need to dust off a dozen-week-old quote to get fired up for the Cowboys’ visit to Lincoln Financial Field, well, Andy Reid ought to be fired. The desperation of a season on the brink of doom ought to be plenty of motivation for the Eagles.

If Ryan’s comments lit a fire under the Eagles, wouldn’t that have been evident early in the season?