Cowboys run defense comes up small

PHILADELPHIA -- The Cowboys came into Sunday night's affaid leading the NFL in run defense, allowing just 69.7 yards per game.

The Eagles' LeSean McCoy rushed for 185 yards on 30 carries with two touchdowns in the 34-7 victory. As a unit, the Eagles rushed for 239 yards on 38 attempts.

According to ESPN Stats and Information, McCoy rushed for 160 yards when the Cowboys had seven or fewer defenders in the box.

Coming into the game, Dallas had allowed the fewest rushing yards this season with seven or fewer in the box. Opponents averaged 3.6 yards per carry when the Cowboys employed that alignment. McCoy averaged 6.4 yards.

It seemed the Cowboys simply had an off night against the run.

"I think that could be an excuse," defensive end Kenyon Coleman said. "I have to watch the film and see what happened, but obviously they ran the ball against us and we got to fix it."

McCoy said the offensive line did a nice job providing blocks for him and he was even pumped up by some comments made by Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.

"Coach Ryan got everyone hyped up a bit and the offensive line took that personal a little bit," McCoy said. "It felt like it. They had a lot of intensity in the huddle and it showed."