Jason Garrett OK with Ryan taking blame

IRVING -- At the end of the Cowboys 34-7 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night was defensive coordinator Rob Ryan taking the blame for the loss.

Ryan said Eagles coach Andy Reid kicked his butt.

Jason Garrett is asked numerous times about Ryan's boasts. Ryan has gone after the Eagles several times from calling them the all-hype team to saying if the Eagles are concerned about what he says they're in trouble already.

"I think one of the things we talk about as an organization is having the right kind of people in your organization as coaches and players and everybody involved in our football operation," Garrett said. "When you lose a game there are two ways to go. You could say it's somebody else's fault or you take responsibility, accountability for what your job is within that ball game and I think we had a lot of guys who want to take responsibility and be accountable for what they did or didn't do in the game and Rob is certainly one of them. I think we have a number of players who have the same approach, a number of really good players who have the same approach said the same kind of thing to me today."