DeMarcus Ware isn't looking for history

IRVING -- Cowboys outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware is just 2.5 sacks away from becoming the official Cowboys franchise sack leader, surpassing Jim Jeffcoat who has 94.5 sacks.

In a way it's empty for Ware, who wants so much more out of his career.

"I don't even think about [it]," said Ware who is second in the NFL with 12 sacks in 2011. "You're going out there and playing hard and giving it your all with the opportunity that you got. Just make sure you take advantage of them, that's the way I see it. There are not too many missed opportunities because they're many years I missed a sack or I missed a play. But this year, I'm I'm not missing those plays cause I know what it feels like to miss those plays and I'm not going to miss those plays."

Ware has 92 sacks in his career and is slowly moving up the all-time lists.

Since the sack was made an official stat in 1982, Bruce Smith holds the all-time mark at 200 sacks. Of the Top 10 sack all-time sack leaders, five, Reggie White, Michael Strahan, Richard Dent, Lawrence Taylor and Smith, won titles. The remaining five, two are Hall of Famers in John Randle and Richard Dent, and Jason Taylor with his 134.5 sacks is considered one.

Yet, winning a title is important to Ware.

"I'm thinking about Seattle because we need to win this game because if we get some wins under our belt you never know where we end up at the end," Ware said. "Green Bay was 8-6 when they won the Super Bowl. If you get a little burst, things get to clicking you never know what happens."

Last week vs. the Philadelphia Eagles, Ware had a career-high four sacks.

"I didn't even know," Ware said of the sacks against the Eagles. "I'm just out there playing and at the end of the game they told me. I still feel like I didn't have a good game."