Bryant doesn't view 2011 as failure

IRVING -- After seven games, wide receiver Dez Bryant has 22 catches for 367 yards and four touchdowns. He's missed one game due to a bruised thigh and endured three games with just three catches and three more with no catches in the second half.

Bryant, who turned 23 on Friday, was asked after practice if he views the start of his season as a failure.

"I don’t look at it as a failure at all," he said. "We got a lot of people on this team and a lot of great talent on this team. Whenever our numbers are called on, we just got to step up to the plate and make a plays. I feel like we’ve done it."

Bryant's numbers through seven games last year produced three touchdowns and 29 catches for 349 yards, so the numbers are not that far off.

Yet, the expectations raised for Bryant after last season when he had six touchdown receptions for 561 yards on 45 receptions.

"I can see everybody expecting me to do even better," he said. "I feel like I am when my number is called, that’s just the way this game is. There's only one football."

Quarterback Tony Romo has to spread the ball around to tight end Jason Witten and wide receiver Miles Austin. Bryant said he knows 100 percent of the offense and continues to develop as a receiver. There are times when mistakes happen on the field, and it's hard to know if Bryant was at fault.

There is some frustration for any player who doesn't produce. Sometimes Bryant's sideline antics, yelling and screaming, can be construed as he's upset at not getting the ball. Bryant and those on the team say that's not the case.

"To tell the truth, no I'm not frustrated at all," he said. "[It's] because whenever my number is called or whoever’s number is called they are challenged to make a play, and we’ve been doing a great job of that."

Later Bryant said of mistakes on the field, "It's not an excuse, young or not, it's just I feel like I get paid to pay attention a little more it's fine."