Jason Hatcher took safe route after pick

Jason Hatcher returned his first NFL interception 16 yards before he went out of bounds. AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez

ARLINGTON, Texas – Jason Hatcher loves to boast about his days as a big-play tight end at Jena High in Louisiana.

Just look in the Cowboys’ media guide, which makes note of him catching 28 passes for 1,028 yards as a senior.

That’s all the more reason for Hatcher’s teammates to give him good-natured grief about his return after making the first interception by a Dallas defensive lineman since 2002. It appeared that Hatcher had a chance to score, but he scooted out of bounds, settling for a 16-yard return.

“You didn’t see that little stiff arm going out of bounds?” Hatcher joked. “Nah, once I saw that running back, I kind of went out of bounds. He’s way faster than I am. I was going to out run the linemen, to be honest with you. You saw me turn my motor on and then I turned it back off. I saw the running back. He was going to cut my knees off. I’ve got games to play, so I’m going out of bounds.”