Sean Lee shows off Q-tip

IRVING, Texas -- Sean Lee’s club for a left hand has already earned a nickname from his teammates.

“He was going pretty good with his Q-tip of an arm he had on that,” safety Barry Church said. “He was catching some passes out there.”

Outside linebacker Anthony Spencer said, “I would think it that would be hard just in living. Playing the game? He’s moving around pretty good. You can’t tell until the plays get to flying around and things happen, but I’m sure the more practice the more comfortable he’ll be with it.”

Lee said he would take advantage of the club somehow Sunday against Buffalo, and he tested it out some on Spencer.

“That’s what it looks like, a big Q-tip,” Spencer joked. “Until he hit me in the face with it. It’s hard.”

San Francisco linebacker Patrick Willis played two games with a club-like cast on his right arm last year to protect a broken hand.

“He’s obviously a fantastic linebacker and he was effective with it, so it shows you a guy can play with it,” Lee said. “He’s a ridiculous athlete too. I don’t know that that’s the comparison, but it definitely can be done.”