Jason Garrett ignores Jimmy Johnson's advice

IRVING, Texas -- Jason Garrett respectfully disagrees with his former head coach on the subject of the Cowboys’ need for an offensive coordinator.

Garrett has served as the Cowboys’ head coach and offensive coordinator for the last 16 games. Jimmy Johnson believes Garrett would do a better job in the former role if he hired someone else to do the latter.

"He needs to become a head coach,” Johnson said on Fox’s pregame show Sunday. “It may be time to think -- not for this year but for next year -- hire an offensive coordinator to call the plays and be the head coach."

Garrett made it clear Wednesday that he has no intention to consider hiring an offensive coordinator.

“That can be an opinion that he might have and other people might have, but right now we feel good about the structure of our staff and that’s what we’ll do going forward,” Garrett said.

Owner/general manager Jerry Jones wouldn’t want it any other way. He has said several times in recent years that he wants a head coach who is in charge of one side of the ball.

"Jimmy was what I call a walk-around coach." Jones said Tuesday on KRLD-FM. “[Bill] Parcells was a walk-around coach. [Former Redskins coach] Joe Gibbs is a guy who believes that the head coach needs to be in charge of either the offense or the defense and needs to be the coordinator. It brings you stature, it involves you in the game and gives you more respect with the players.

"It's different schools of thought. I've always thought that Jason Garrett could handle coordinating as well as being the head coach."

The most successful Cowboys coach of the Jerry era has a different opinion. Just like old times for Jimmy and Jerry, huh?

By the way, does anybody think Johnson or Parcells had any problems with their "stature" during their Valley Ranch reigns?