Five-star answer: No picks for Romo

Five-star question: Will Tony Romo, who has not thrown an interception in his last 64 passes, keep his streak alive against Buffalo?

Let's not have a celebration because Romo has thrown just one interception in two of the last three games and just two the last four games. Instead, focus on the type of game Romo is having. He's not forcing passes that could put him and his team in trouble. And Romo finally has a running game that's taking pressure off him.

Romo won't throw a pick against the Bills on Sunday.

The emergence of DeMarco Murray will allow Jason Garrett to run the ball more. Murray is averaging 6.7 yards per carry. While it's impossible to maintain that for a full season, in his 139-yard effort last week vs. Seattle he averaged 6.3 yards per carry. Murray is helping the Cowboys avoid the long down-and-distance situations that normally lead to problems in the passing game.

The Bills have a talented secondary led by cornerback Drayton Florence, who has 20 pass breakups the last two seasons, tied for seventh in the AFC among corners.

But Romo is playing a controlled game, which doesn't give defenses the power over him. The Cowboys offensive line is also protecting him better, which gives Romo confidence to find receivers down the field, and if not, he's shown he will scoot down the field for some yards.

Romo is not forcing things right now and when he doesn't do that, it gives the Cowboys a better chance to win.