'We've got to break out the Turkey Dance'

IRVING, Texas – The Dallas defensive players are trying to make the arm-flappin’, neck-bobbin’ dance a Thanksgiving tradition.

“We’ve got to break out the Turkey Dance,” linebacker Bradie James said. “Hopefully you guys will join us while we’re out on the field. It just gives us something to motivate each other. It makes us play a little bit harder.

“We’ve got to celebrate. You’re almost delirious at this point as a football player.”

It started with Jason Hatcher messing around before the Monday practice of Thanksgiving week a few years ago, busting out his version of the Turkey Dance. He vowed to do it for the football-watching world to see if he got a sack that weekend.

The rest of the defense soon agreed that the Turkey Dance would be done to celebrate all big plays on Thanksgiving. It got a lot of airtime in that week’s rout of the Seahawks, when the Cowboys racked up seven sacks and three turnovers, including two sacks and a fumble recovery by James.

After that dominant performance, the Turkey Dance became a Thanksgiving staple for the Dallas defense.

“If you see a lot of wings flapping,” Hatcher said with a big smile, “you know we’re doing good.”