Tony Romo ignores the NFC East

IRVING -- The NFC East is in shambles.

The Giants are 6-5 and have lost three consecutive games. It seems the season is falling apart.

The Eagles, the favorites to win the division, lost three of four games and the hometown fans are chanting for coach Andy Reid to get fired.

The Redskins, tied at 4-7 with the Eagles for last place in the division, broke a six-game losing streak with a 23-17 victory over Seattle last week.

It seems the Cowboys are the only team with their act together thanks to a strong four-game win streak that could extend this weekend with a win at Arizona.

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is not trying to pay attention to the what's happened in the division, especially with a one-game lead and five to play in the 2011 season.

"You try and just disregard all that’s going on in the division, just put your head down, put blinders on and play each week and get ready for the opponent you’re playing," Romo said in a conference call with Arizona-area reporters on Wednesday. "Every season, teams start off hot and fade away, and other teams start off slow and come strong down the stretch. Others go back and forth, just win, loss, win, loss. It’s part of the season in the NFL. You don’t really get caught up in what’s going on."

The Cowboys have encountered only two .500 Decembers under Romo and have a favorable schedule the last month where they can put further distance between themselves and the second-place Giants.

"Some team here is going to get hot and win the rest of their games, and someone else is going to lose the rest," Romo said. "It’s just part of what happens in the league. The only things you can do to help your team is put blinders on and go forward. Don’t worry about stuff you can’t control. Just go out here and win your football game. Do what you can do to be at your best on Sunday and everything else will take care of itself."