Miles Austin to return Dec. 11 vs. Giants

IRVING, Texas -- Miles Austin will miss his fourth straight game because of a right hamstring injury, but the Cowboys’ wide receiver said he will make his return Dec. 11 against the New York Giants.

“We were thinking maybe possibly this being the game that I do come back,” Austin said. “”I guess they’re trying to be a little bit more cautious with it. It makes sense. I’m feeling better now than I did on a regular Wednesday or Thursday in a week because I continue to get treatment. So I’ll be good to go next week. I’m running routes now. It’s good to get these days up underneath me just not only for my hamstring but my legs and wind and everything else back.”

Sunday’s game at Arizona will be the sixth game Austin will miss this season. He missed two games earlier this season with a left hamstring injury that bothered him in training camp.

He has 28 catches for 403 yards and four touchdowns in his six games. He said he will continue with the treatment on his leg once he returns in order to avoid a similar pull.

“It’s frustrating when you’re injured, especially when it’s something like a hamstring,” Austin said. “It’s not like, I don’t want to say a broken finger, but something where you can continue to do what you do. But when you have a hamstring it’s hard to explain, but you can’t go. There’s no sucking it up or anything like that. Your leg just doesn’t make go over there.”

The upshot of Austin’s absence is that his body feels as fresh as possible this late in the season, and owner and general manager Jerry Jones expects Austin to be a boost when he returns.

“I’m feeling good,” Austin said. “I feel confident. I feel like I’ll be ready once I’m in.”