Sean Lee hopes for new cast soon

IRVING, Texas -- Linebacker Sean Lee will have his left wrist in a cast for the fourth game on Sunday at Arizona since suffering a dislocation Oct. 30 at Philadelphia but the Cowboys leading tackler is hoping he won’t need a cast at all soon.

“I think if it continues to progress the way it as at some point we won’t need it,” Lee said. “In a week or so we’re going to try to experiment on different types of cast on what we can do going forward.”

Lee did not wear the cast to Friday’s practice and said the wrist was feeling better each week. He will continue to wear the cast for extra protection. He does not want to expose his fingers with such a hard cast.

Lee said he it is unlikely he would need postseason surgery unless he re-injures it this season.

“Day to day I can do a lot of things,” Lee said. “I’ve started lifting on it. I’m just not ready to use it in a game fully.”