Timeout! Jason Garrett enforces 24-hour rule

IRVING, Texas – Jason Garrett’s clock-management crisis in the desert continues to dominate the sports radio airwaves and barstool banter in the Metroplex.

That subject, however, is now off-limits at Valley Ranch.

Garrett was asked Wednesday to clarify his communication with Tony Romo during the 19 seconds that ticked off between Dez Bryant’s catch for a first down and Romo spiking the ball to stop the clock. Garrett made it clear that he didn’t intend to discuss the matter -- or anything related to the debacle at the end of regulation in the overtime loss -- any more.

“We talked about that after the ballgame,” Garrett said. “We talked about that Monday, so we’re not going to re-visit that. We have a 24-hour rule that we stick with around here. That topic has gotten a lot of conversation, so we’re going to leave it within the 24-hour rule and certainly focus on the next challenge against the Giants.”

Garrett said Monday that he didn’t have a “great answer” when asked specifically about his instructions to Romo while the clock ticked down and the Cowboys did not use one of their two remaining timeouts. Two days later, his answer was to avoid the topic and focus solely on Sunday’s showdown for the NFC East driver’s seat.

“I’ll answer it the same way: It’s the 24-hour rule and we’re on to the Giants,” Garrett said firmly. “We’ve been on the Giants for a couple of days now.”