Fiammetta returns from inner-ear infection

IRVING, Texas -- After missing the last three games with an undisclosed illness, fullback Tony Fiammetta returned to practice with the offense and special teams units on Wednesday.

Fiammetta was limited in practice but expects to play Sunday night vs. the New York Giants.

"I'm good to go," he said. "I do see the light."

A major issue was how Fiammetta could handle contact, no matter how limited during his recovery. Fiammetta had gotten nauseous while working out a few weeks ago which prompted a series of test to see what was bothering him.

Update: According to a source, doctors believe Fiammetta suffered from an inner-ear infection.

An infection and inflammation that occurs in the inner ear causes hearing and balance problems. A person can also feel nauseous and get dizzy. Medicine for vertigo can provide relief for an inner-ear infection.

Once Fiammetta's symptoms subsided he was allowed to ride a stationary bike and on Wednesday had his first official contact during special team and offensive drills.

"It was good to test the waters," he said.