Dez Bryant's salsa dance cool with Victor Cruz

Dez Bryant borrowed Giants receiver Victor Cruz’s salsa dance after scoring a touchdown Sunday night, a celebration that was part tribute, part trash talk.

Bryant liked it so much that he said he “might just have to steal his dance” and make it part of his routine when he reaches the end zone.

That’s actually cool with Cruz, who wasn’t pleased when 49ers cornerback Carlos Rogers celebrated a pick that was intended for Cruz with a little salsa shakin’ last month.

“It’s different because it’s a receiver. We’re kind of all in the receiver family,” Cruz told The Star-Ledger on Tuesday. “If he wants to do it, I’ll let him borrow it.

“Everybody knows I kind of started the thing so he can use it if he wants it.”

The important thing, as far as the Cowboys are concerned, is that Bryant is getting plenty of opportunities to dance in the end zone. He's tied with teammate Laurent Robinson and four other players for sixth in the NFL with eight touchdown catches, including four in the last five games.