Jerry Jones: Cowboys knew nothing about Hurd

Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones said he was surprised that former wide receiver Sam Hurd was arrested on drug charges last week in Chicago.

"I really tell you there wasn't anybody, anywhere -- including our league reps or anybody they knew in law enforcement -- that had any inkling about this. Until his arrest, no one," Jones said after Saturday's victory over Tampa Bay.

"Anytime that we have any player ... that have an issue, then I worry," Jones said. "Obviously I don't know any facts, and I know the quality of person that I thought and know Sam to be."

Jones, along with every other NFL team, conducts expansive background checks on players prior to drafting or signing them as free agents.

The Cowboys have been known to take risks on players with character issues but utilize their excellent player development program to help.

"I can't tell you how thorough we are," Jones said. "Very through. Extremely thorough. And I'm satisfied that we're extremely thorough. Now I do have firsthand input, and I'm aware and know how the league [operates] and what we do as a team, and it doesn't make me think about our thoroughness."