Roger Staubach: North Texas will get another Super Bowl

At a Monday night event honoring the 1971 Super Bowl champion Dallas Cowboys, quarterback Roger Staubach said he believes North Texas will get another Super Bowl at Cowboys Stadium.

Staubach was the chairman for the Super Bowl XLV Host committee which helped bring the NFL title game to North Texas. An ice storm along with a seating fiasco the day of the game became some of the main story lines.

Staubach doesn't think the severe ice storm, which nearly paralyzed numerous cities in North Texas, or the seating problems, which prompted a lawsuit from fans against the NFL, will hurt North Texas in the future.

"I think we'll definitely get another one here," Staubach said. "I don't know when. The NFL is more involved now in telling the cities when they can get in. I'm not sure. The process has changed a little bit, but we'll get another one here. It turned out to be a great venue. We had a little bad luck there with the seats [but] that wasn't the host committee's [fault]."

Super Bowl XLVI will be held in Indianapolis, Super Bowl XLVII will go to New Orleans and XLVIII will head to New York in 2014. After that, it's up in the air and prospective cities have yet to bid on future games after 2014.

There was a thought North Texas would get Super Bowl 50, but the weather and seating problems might have cost the area.

"50. I think they were going to save for LA," Staubach said. "But I don't know what's going to happen out there [for] 50 I don't know when they're going to bid on 50. I think we'll get one between 50 and 53 or somewhere. We'll be in there if I had to guess."