Is there still rift between T.O., Jerry Jones?

ALLEN, Texas -- During his 12-minute Q&A with the media Wednesday night, wide receiver Terrell Owens, now with the Allen Wranglers, was asked about his departure from the Dallas Cowboys.

Owens didn't sound like a man who was over his release from the Cowboys.

"I think everybody knows after the first three years, I had signed an extension [in 2008] and after that season I got that call or whatever, that meeting that said they wanted to part ways," Owens said. "It was very disappointing. It was one of those things where again, it’s a lot of lip service. People saying they’re going to do one thing and do another. I've learned a lot within the last three to five years about life in general and even people in general."

Owens was referring to Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones.

After the Cowboys missed the playoffs in 2008, all sorts of decisions were made -- the biggest was cutting Owens. Jerry Jones had said Owens would return for the 2009 season but later said things could change.

Things did.

During a dinner meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Jerry and Stephen Jones told Owens he wouldn't be coming back to the team. It devastated Owens, who felt he was going to retire with the Cowboys.

And now it seems Owens wants nothing to do with Jerry Jones.

"I’ve seen him maybe a handful of times since then. Other than that, it is what it is," Owens said. "I'm not bitter about it. At that time, it was disappointing considering the stadium was about to be open and he had told me I was going to be a big part of that process. Then it's like having the wind knocked out of you. But life goes on."