Brandon Carr: 'Didn't want to go anywhere else'

The newest Cowboy, CB Brandon Carr, talks about how it feels to be Dallas' top target in free agency, how he plans on fitting into Rob Ryan's scheme, joining the team he grew up watching and more.

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Q: What was the negotiation process like with Jerry?

"I think he’s more, he’s more confident then I would say aggressive. He knows his stuff. He has confidence in his organization and the players that he brings in. He expressed that he had confidence in me and he liked my skill set and what I had to offer -- you know, just his philosophy and the way he treated me. At the end of the day, I wanted to be a Dallas Cowboy."

Q: Were you hearing from other teams or your agent how the process was going?

"There were teams that were interested, but I wanted to give the Cowboys my first visit because I felt like at the end of the day, I could see myself in a Cowboys uniform. Just by doing my research on the coaching staff and just watching a little film on my own, just different things that coaching, how they put their guys in situations to excel, I said, ‘man, this is something I want to be a part of.’ Once I got there they didn’t hold me hostage. They took care of me and treated me well. The respect level was high and at the end of the day, I was happy with the Dallas Cowboys and I didn’t want to go anywhere else."

Q: Did you grow up being a Cowboys fan and is that why you visited them first?

"I grew up a Cowboys fan. The very first uniform, Christmas … my parents bought me a Cowboys outfit with the helmet and my cousin had Detroit Lions and we used to go at it one-on-one in the backyard until the sun went down, even in the snow. The Cowboys are the team that I grew up watching. Deion Sanders -- I used to idolize him … try to do his dance and show some flash like him in the playground playing with my friends. So once I saw that the Cowboys were interested and the interest level and everything was real, you see the reports in the paper and stuff like that, but until you actually hear it, I said, ‘man, this is the place I could see myself being, so let’s see what this holds,’ and I came away signed on the dotted line and I’m a Dallas Cowboy."

Q: What do you know about these guys (referring to other Cowboys defensive backs on the team)?

"I watched them some. I read, didn’t read too much, but I watched them act, the different players and coaches, how those guys act, how their personalities are, but the feedback I got was good and everything I saw on film was guys, young guys with a lot of ability. We have a whole offseason to fine tune some things and really get after it, but those guys can make plays. They’re going to push me to that next level, and hopefully I can push them to that next level as well."