Your thoughts on the Cowboys' uniforms

Our editors asked you what you thought of the Cowboys' new uniforms. Well, the Cowboys' uniforms are largely staying the same, with the exception of a Nike swoosh on each shoulder and the pants. Paul Lukas has a Uni Watch here.

I know a lot of you like tradition.

But after seeing the "new" uniforms, it begs a question -- which I asked on Twitter earlier today (@calvinwatkins): Should the Cowboys change their uniforms?

Here are some of the responses that I received:

@TRfresh_TxSwagg: Def. Time to change itt upp!!

CocoShaneal (@iNellyRose): Should they change the design of the Cowboys' uniforms? - A new design isn't what the Cowboys "need".

Oliver Ortega (@ooliver99): I didn't like the sleeves. neither the black around the blue strips.

Roberto Cobian (@robertocobian): you know what everyone wants a drastic change but I love our classic look we have now like we always have. Keep it that way.

Nathan Young ‏(@NAAAAATTE): the 95 cowboy jersey were awesome!

Ricardo martinez ‏(@DALCowboys1fan): put stars on the shoulders

Austin Karber ‏(@justkarber): I'm all for the Cowboys keeping the classic design, BUT creating some new alternate jerseys. We can show them off prime-time!

Jeremy Fornito ‏(@CuatroNito): I don't see anything that is different with them? Unless the stripes on the pants are a little different? #NotImpressed

DC Blue Star (@DCBlueStar): I always wanted a black alternate! Wish we wore the thanksgiving throw backs more. I wish they were our home jerseys!

Rick Allford (@RickAllford): Too much hype, too little wow. Very disappointed.

eMarr Moton (@Dmoneyman88): nope keep the same color

Johnny Garcia (@Johhnn__EE): the cowboys have basically had the same uniforms since they joined the league we need something new and interesting

Fred McTweeter ‏(@tweetinomglol): my thoughts are "uh, ok?"

Philippe Lancup ‏(@phil_lancup): I still can't figure out what's new about it!! it doesn't make me want to buy a new one

anthony schneider ‏(@c0wb0y89): I'd be open to a new alternate but our primary jerseys need to stay the same

Casey Shaver ‏(@cshaver34): what's different?