Mike Jenkins can't force bad move

May, 21, 2012

You can’t blame Mike Jenkins for being mad that he lost his starting job despite playing pretty well with a lot of pain last season.

Jean-Jacques Taylor gives us the latest on Mike Jenkins' desire to be traded. The Cowboys' star doesn't mean as much to players as it used to.

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But it makes no business sense whatsoever for the Cowboys to consider trading Jenkins at this point, which is why they won’t budge no matter how long the cornerback stays away from Valley Ranch.

The Cowboys shopped Jenkins after trading up to pick Morris Claiborne with the sixth overall pick and didn’t get any offers of significant value. And that isn’t likely to change with a cornerback who is coming off major shoulder surgery and wants the last year of his rookie deal ripped up in favor of a rich new contract extension.

The Cowboys could probably get a late-round pick for Jenkins, like the seventh-rounder the Falcons sent the Eagles for Asante Samuel. Why take that when the Cowboys will likely get a mid-round compensatory pick after Jenkins signs elsewhere in free agency?

The best way for Jenkins to get paid is to play well in his reduced role this season. He doesn’t want to wait, but he doesn’t have any leverage, no matter how long he stays away from the team.



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