John Clayton: Tony Romo will stick around

June, 18, 2012
ESPN's John Clayton answered the following question about Tony Romo's future in his latest mailbag column, which you can read here.

Ben and Skin discuss the five things to be happy and worried about in regards to the Cowboys.

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Q: I know that the Cowboys' DeMarco Murray had a nice run last season and Dallas' receiving corps did pretty well, but how much time do you think Tony Romo has left as their starting quarterback?

Travis in Woodstock, Va.

A: I think the Cowboys will stay with Romo for at least two years and probably longer. His contract could be voided in 2014, but if it is, the team will take an $8 million cap hit. If the cap is around $121 million, that would hurt because the team is already $20 million over the cap in 2014.

More than just the money is whether they could find a quarterback as good as him. Most analysts rank Romo among the eight best quarterbacks in football. Getting rid of Romo before he's done as a thrower could bring back those dark years after Troy Aikman when the team kept trying quarterback after quarterback without success.

Because the Cowboys have talent, they aren't going to drop into the 13- to 15-loss area to get one of the top quarterbacks in a draft.



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