Jason Garrett: 'We have excellent leadership'

OXNARD, Calif. – There’s been a lot of talk, from inside and outside the organization, about a lack of leadership being a factor in the Cowboys’ recent failures.

Jason Garrett is sick and tired of hearing about it.

“We have excellent leadership on this team,” Garrett said. “When you think about the guys on the offensive side of the ball, on the defensive side of the ball, the kind of players they are, the kind of performers that they are, how they go to work on a daily basis, they’re really, really good. It’s easy for us as coaches to say, ‘Hey, watch (Jason) Witten. Watch (DeMarcus) Ware. Watch (Tony) Romo. Watch these guys go about their job every day.’ That’s the best way to lead.”

Witten summed up the Cowboys’ mindset when he said upon arriving in California, “It can’t be the same old story.”

That story is a bunch of preseason hype and no postseason success. But Garrett doesn’t buy that poor leadership is one of the primary reasons that this Cowboys core has only one playoff win.

“There are a lot of excuses that people make,” Garrett said. “We can’t live in that world. We’ve got to live in the world of getting the job done. That’s what I’ve emphasized to our team, really on a daily basis.”

Jerry Jones, as skilled as any man at finding the silver lining, believes the agony that the Cowboys’ veteran captains have experienced in their careers could be beneficial to this season’s team.

“They’re not only leaders, but they’ve tasted a lot of disappointment,” Jones said. “I buy that, and that’s good for (Morris) Claiborne to hear. It’s really good for (Bruce) Carter to hear, hear guys that have excelled and been outstanding but not gotten the ring or grabbed the ring. I think it’s very healthy. I think that’s part of a leadership, is to have some of the guys that have been disappointed to share it with everybody involved.”