Goal-line drill brings live football

OXNARD, Calif. -- If you want to get the offensive and defensive linemen excited, tell them the focus of practice will be goal line.

That’s what happened at Tuesday’s practice. The No. 1 defense gave up two touchdowns on three “live” plays, however, defensive line coach Brian Baker was adamant FB Jamize Olawale did not cross the goal line on the second snap.

On the first snap, Olawale, who was filling in for DeMarco Murray and Felix Jones, was stoned by Sean Lee and Dan Connor.

“We could be better,” Lee said. “We weren’t great. It’s one of those things where it’s the first time. We’ll get it locked in.”

Nose tackle Sean Lissemore was almost despondent over one play.

“One play I didn’t play it well and it’s bothering me a lot,” Lissemore said. “Something I need to work on. I got displaced a little bit and I want to hold that point. It’s pretty tough and I didn’t hold it.”

The second-team only scored on a play-action pass from Kyle Orton to Jason Witten. Ed Wesley was stopped on the first play and a poor center-quarterback exchange between Orton and David Arkin doomed the second play.