Jason Garrett pleased with practices

OXNARD, Calif. -- Jason Garrett had one slight worry heading into Wednesday's practice: Sloppiness.

Not the case.

Following Monday's preseason game at Oakland, a 3-0 victory, which resulted in a mandated day off, the Cowboys returned to practice Wednesday and had a solid session.

"We had an outstanding practice yesterday," Garrett said. "We really did what we try and do as a staff. What we do every day is try to create competitive situations throughout practice in every drill that we did and the players responded to it."

There were times in camp when centers David Arkin and Phil Costa fumbled snaps. The offense is asked to run a certain play again and there will be a coach or coordinator yelling at a particular player or unit.

Garrett has one-on-one drills for nearly every position on the team and wants the offense to compete against the defense in 11-on-11 situations. Garrett creates game-like situations, whether its using game clock with the score displayed or telling the team they're in a particular down and distance.

"One of the concerns you have after a day off is they got the cobwebs in them," Garrett said. "They can't get the blood flowing. They're thinking about the beach, they're thinking about their wife, and all these other things and can't get into the flow, so you're mindful of that. But our guys really, really responded well. It's a tribute to the leadership of our guys. ... As a coaching staff, you try to get them going, but ultimately it's going to come from (the players)."