Should Dez Bryant return punts?

IRVING, Texas -- The Cowboys plan on featuring receiver Dez Bryant more than ever in the offense, but there is a question about punt returns.

Given Bryant's health (he battled knee tendinitis during training camp, forcing him to miss the last two preseason games), should the Cowboys allow him to return punts?

"I don’t know that it changes our thinking," coach Jason Garrett said. "We’ve talked about it before. Those are important plays and if he’s the best guy and he’s healthy, we’ll give him a chance to do it. You need a lot of different returning options for obvious reasons."

Garrett said the team hasn't settled on the punt returners.

When Bryant did it full time, he averaged 14.3 yards a return in 2010. He returned two punts for scores, including a career-long 93-yarder.

"It’s really important play; it involves the football," Garrett continued. "Those guys have to be reliable first and foremost in taking care of the ball, and then you obviously want to evaluate their playmaking ability after that. Dez has shown that he’s capable of doing both and if he’s healthy, we’ll give him a chance to do it."

If the Cowboys are serious about using their playmakers in all areas, Bryant should return punts. The Cowboys plan on using Felix Jones, Dwayne Harris and either Kevin Ogletree or Phillip Tanner on kick returns.

Punt returns?

It should be Bryant and nobody else.