A lost play in playoff loss to Seattle

IRVING, Texas -- Lost in the Cowboys’ 21-20 loss to Seattle in the wild-card round of the 2006 playoffs because of Tony Romo’s bobbled snap was a play that could have sealed a Dallas victory without a field goal try.

With 1:19 to play, Jason Witten was ruled to have made a 7-yard catch to the Seattle 1 on third down from Romo that would have given the Cowboys a first down. Seattle was forced to use its final timeout and the Cowboys could have run down the clock or scored an easy touchdown.

Remember, Mike Holmgren was Green Bay’s coach in the Super Bowl against Denver, he purposely (and wisely) let the Broncos score to give the Packers a final chanced, so he probably would have allowed the Cowboys to score a touchdown in that situation, too.

Instead, replay official Dale Hamer called for a review of the spot of Witten’s catch and official Walter Anderson changed Witten’s catch to 6 yards, forcing fourth down. We know the rest of the story.

Was the replay conclusive?

“I thought it was questionable,” Witten said. “I thought the first down was there. That is something you think a lot about when you got six months to hash it up. I just think you automatically assume we’ll be back. We will be better because of it. I think that is the mindset I took from that. Hey, inches matter. Inches matter in this league.”