Kevin Ogletree: Still could have done better

IRVING, Texas -- If his success in the season opener has gotten to Kevin Ogletree’s head, he’s doing a heck of a job of hiding it.

Ogletree became a sudden sensation with his eight-catch, 114-yard, two-touchdown performance in the win over the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants. But Ogletree, who calls his breakout a performance a success only because the Cowboys won the game, is more interested in discussing what he didn’t do well.

“I think I did an OK job,” Ogletree said. “I still could have done better.”

What could he have done better? Ogletree cites one particular play as an example: a third-down reception in the first quarter that most fans had forgotten about by the time he scored his first touchdown later in the half.

“There was a slant route that I caught that turned into a fourth-and-1,” Ogletree said. “We ended up going for it and missed it. Just falling forward a little further. That’s something that right after it happened, you think, ‘Man, those 22 inches were important.’”

Ogletree ignoring the pats on the back and nitpicking his performance has to be music to the coaches’ ears.