Cowboys fail to produce on 90-yard scoring drive

SEATTLE -- One of the biggest scoring drives of the game raised questions about who was supposed to cover whom on the go-ahead touchdown.

Seattle completed a eight-play, 90-yard drive when quarterback Russell Wilson completed a 22-yard touchdown pass to Anthony McCoy for a commanding 20-7 lead with 5:05 to play in the third quarter.

It was the longest scoring drive, in terms of yardage, given up by the Cowboys defense this season.

McCoy's score occurred because of apparent miscommunication by the defense.

Linebacker Anthony Spencer was lined up opposite McCoy at the start of the play. When the ball was snapped, Spencer allowed McCoy to get past him. With Spencer trailing the play, Wilson hit a wide-open McCoy for the touchdown. Replays showed backup safety Mana Silva racing over from the middle of the field to offer support, but it was too late. Linebacker Dan Connor also came over to help out.

"I don’t think I had one-on-one," Spencer said. "I'm not even sure. We have to look at it."

There were two other plays on the scoring drive that hurt the Cowboys:

* Outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware and Spencer ran into each other as they blitzed Wilson, who scrambled away for an 8-yard gain.

* Running back Marshawn Lynch was able to escape a Cowboys run blitz to gain 36 yards. Two plays later, Seattle forged ahead with the touchdown.

"It's something we should never do," linebacker Sean Lee said regarding the 90-yard drive. "We pride ourselves on keeping the field position down there and getting the ball back for the offense. That was soemthing we didn’t do."