Cowboys will have to finish vs. Bucs

IRVING, Texas – One of Jason Garrett’s messages to his team has been to finish. Tampa Bay’s new coach, Greg Schiano, preaches the same, as do all coaches across the NFL.

Schiano, however, took it a step further Sunday against the New York Giants.

Instead of simply letting the final play go in a loss to New York, the Buccaneers’ defense fired off the ball as Eli Manning took a knee in victory formation. Giants coach Tom Coughlin protested to Schiano after the game and the players didn’t like it either. Schiano was not sorry and pointed to times the play worked while he coached at Rutgers.

If the Cowboys are in a similar situation Sunday, they know now to be prepared for it. Or at least they should be.

“Certainly there is a style of football they are trying to implement down in Tampa and they feel like that, in some ways, is indicative of how they want to play, how they’re going to handle end-of-game situations,” Garrett said Monday. “We will just be aware of what happened in the past and make sure we handle it the right way on our end.”