Tony Romo has excelled vs. Tampa 2 defenses

ARLINGTON, Texas – Every week a quarterback has to be patient. That’s even more appropriate against teams like Chicago that play the Tampa 2 style of defense.

“They force you to drive the football,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said. “That’s been the formula for this defense for a long, long time. Being efficient on offense is critical. Having positive plays in the ballgame on the early downs is critical. They want to get you in third and long and get those defensive linemen rushing the quarterback and affecting the quarterback.”

Efficient does not describe how the Cowboys have played so far in 2012, but in the past against Tampa 2 defenses, Tony Romo has thrived.

He has an 8-3 mark against teams that had been predominantly Tampa 2 teams over the years since he’s been the starter with 24 touchdown passes and seven interceptions. He has completed 73 percent of his passes (272 or 372) for 3,241 yards and been sacked 18 times.

In two games against the Bears, Romo is 1-1 with three touchdowns and three interceptions.

Tampa 2 teams generally take away the deep throws outside to the wide receivers, preferring to give up the underneath throws. In six of the 11 games against Tampa 2 defenses, Romo has thrown for more than 300 yards.

“They’re good,” Romo said of the Bears. “They’re going to stop you. You have to understand that and go out and execute on each play.”